RAW Mind Coach and Black Dog Institute Partner to Boost Resilience at Work with New Award-Winning Program

RAW Mind Coach and Black Dog Institute Partner to Boost Resilience at Work with New Award-Winning Program

RAW Mind Coach and the Black Dog Institute have partnered to deliver an award-winning e-learning program designed to enhance employee resilience and mental wellbeing.

The successful rollout of RAW Mind Coach to 5,000 NSW Ambulance workers was recently recognised by the NSW Mental Health Commission, receiving a 2018 Mental Health Matters Award.

The Black Dog Institute and RAW Mind Coach partnership will expand the innovative program’s reach, bringing it to a wide variety of workplace sectors.

RAW Mind Coach is an evidence-based program which incorporates ten short, interactive e-learning sessions. It teaches workers mindfulness and a range of other skills and strategies which can be employed throughout their daily lives.

RAW Mind Coach is the product of more than four years of research and development by psychologist Sadhbh Joyce. A pilot version of the program was found to increase resilience amongst firefighters in recently released research, which was conducted by Sadhbh Joyce, the Black Dog Institute and UNSW, in collaboration with Fire & Rescue NSW.

With mental health now the biggest cause of workplace injury and long-term absence, there is a vital need for organisations to become more proactive and implement comprehensive mental health strategies. Black Dog Institute’s Chief Psychiatrist, Samuel Harvey, says “resilience is a modifiable factor and by utilising evidence-based programs to enhance it, employers can play an important protective role.”

NSW Ambulance’s Learning & Development Program Specialist, Jackie Myenhart believes it’s not just emergency service workers who would benefit from RAW Mind Coach, saying “These are must-have skills for emergency services personnel. Actually, they are must-have skills for anyone.”

Sadhbh Joyce hopes other organisations will follow the positive lead of NSW Ambulance. “While most organisations now realise the benefits of protecting mental health and building resilience, they have struggled to find programs that are evidence-based, scalable and tailored to their real needs,” she said.

“Through our collaboration with the Black Dog Institute, we aim to address this gap and make it simple for those organisations who wish to take a proactive, preventative approach.”

Black Dog Institute’s Director of Knowledge Translation, Jonathan Tennant, said of the partnership, “we are working to encourage translational research, foster start-ups and support innovations which can make a real difference to workplace mental health. Our aim is to put our knowledge to work, with solutions that are practical, business-friendly and backed by the very best research.”

The customisable program is already being put to work in a variety of Australian workplaces, including hospitals, call centres and universities. Earlier this year, RAW Mind Coach was also rolled out worldwide by Reuters to support its global network of journalists.

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