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Essential Skills, Positive Prevention

Build life-changing skills, boost mental health and make your organisation a better place to work. RAW Mind Coach is designed to help workers become more resilient, avoid preventable injuries and gain wide-ranging mental health benefits. In this highly entertaining and interactive program, learners explore how the brain works, connect with simple mindfulness exercises and discover a selection of cognitive strategies to help pump-up their psychological resilience.

Loads of Bonus Brain Food

Hungry for more? To promote ongoing learning and skill development, RAW Mind Coach delivers a range of practical resources, created by leaders in workplace mental health. Find out about the latest research, read expert articles and gain fresh insights on all sorts of methods which can be used to build resilience and bolster mental health. In our ever-growing Brain Food section learners can also view videos and download guided mindfulness tracks to their own devices.

Anywhere, Anytime Convenience

RAW Mind Coach offers the flexibility to fit around any work schedule, with a series of ten short, powerful training sessions. Each session is 10 to 15 minutes long, allowing your employees to gain invaluable skills, without having to take time out for a workshop or sit through a long-winded seminar. Available on computer, tablet or smartphone, workers can access the program when they’re on the job, on the road or in the privacy of their own homes.

Expert Driven & Evidence Based

To create RAW Mind Coach we’ve brought together leading experts, the latest research and a great deal of real world experience treating workplace mental health issues. To discover precisely how to make an online program work best, we then built a trial version and performed a randomised control trial with Australian emergency service workers. We’ve translated this research into a completely new program, designed to help people across all sorts of workplaces.

Seriously Brilliant Side Effects

When you improve the mental health of employees you can also dramatically improve your bottom line. Recent research from PWC/Beyond Blue shows effective workplace mental health measures return $2.30 for every dollar spent. While that’s undoubtedly impressive, we’re working to deliver even greater returns. We aim to boost resilience and dramatically cut costs associated with absenteeism, presenteeism, staff turnover and workers’ compensation.

Tailored Face to Face Training

Gain expert knowledge. Our face to face training is conducted by trusted psychologists who understand the science and the real-life challenges. Affordable, tailored training empowers leaders, supports key personnel and addresses the issues most critical to your organisation. To successfully launch RAW Mind Coach across large organisations, we also create customised rollout campaigns, developing champions, organising launch events and incentivising learners.

Our values

We could easily have chosen to be an evil empire, with a cunning master-plan for corporate domination and endless accumulation... but that’s not really who we are. We want to do something important.

We are a growing company, taking on a very big challenge. We know there’s far too much suffering in the workplace and we’re determined to prevent it. That’s why we’ve poured a huge amount of time, energy and expertise into creating something which can make a real difference.

We believe creating change takes courage, integrity and whole-heartedness. Over time we will work to build even better resources, reach even more people and have an even greater impact. We’d like to thank the many who have supported us and look forward to continuing our work with all those who share our values.

Sneak preview

Check out a few short clips from the program, try some mindfulness exercises and see what workers have to say. Like to see more? Contact us about a demonstration or trial.


We admit it - we are a bunch of research nerds. That’s why we started by sifting through endless piles of research papers to discover what does and doesn’t work. RAW Mind Coach teaches mindfulness and a range of cognitive strategies linked to resilience.  These strategies are drawn from psychological therapies with a solid evidence base in improving mental health.

Like most research nerds we like to be extremely thorough, so before building RAW Mind Coach we created an entire pilot program for Australian emergency service workers. This program is now being evaluated as part of a PhD study for Sadhbh Joyce and the UNSW Workplace Mental Health Team.


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Meet the team


We’re making it affordable to make a difference.
Get RAW Mind Coach for $120 AUD per enrolment.

  • Interactive 10 session e-learning program
  • 12 Guided mindfulness audio tracks to download and keep
  • Brain Food – an expert curated library of videos, audio tracks and articles
  • Brain Food Fresh Delivery – our very latest content delivered fresh to your inbox
  • 12 months unlimited program access

After 12 months enjoy continued unlimited access for just $30 per year, per user.

Individuals & Small Businesses (1-50 learners)

Want RAW Mind Coach for yourself? Simply complete your enrolment and start learning in just minutes!

Want RAW Mind Coach for multiple users? It’s easy get the whole team aboard. All we require is the name and email address of each person you wish to enrol. Please have these details ready when making your purchase. As soon as your purchase is finalised each user will be sent an email inviting them to log in and start learning.

Get RAW Mind Coach now for just $120 per user, including GST.

Customised packages (50+ learners)

Make it the right fit. For larger organisations we offer a wide range of customisation options and a scaled pricing model, with major discounts as the number of learners increases. We’ll support you to ensure a smooth, successful roll-out and can also offer face-to-face training to develop the knowledge of key staff.

To find out more please contact us now.

To start planning your perfect package please consider the following customisation options.

Welcome video
Demonstrate your commitment. A welcome video from your CEO can be a powerful way to show your organisation genuinely cares for its people and is serious about improving workplace mental health.

Resilience check & research reporting
Measure the effect RAW Mind Coach is having. We can incorporate reliable pre-and-post measures to track the resilience of learners who choose to share their de-identified data. Gain valuable insights to shape your planning.

Completion incentives
Motivate your employees. Increase completion rates and maximise benefits by offering CPD Points, prizes or other incentives. We track user progress and can help you reward those who complete all ten sessions of the program.

Customised support section
Encourage help-seeking behaviour. With a customised support section, we can connect your employees with available resources, including your Employee Assistance Program, Peer Support Program and other initiatives.

Unique login page and branding options
Make it your own. RAW Mind Coach can provide your organisation with its own login page and prominently position your logo within the menu screens. More advanced customisation options are available upon request.

Face to Face Training
Get in touch to explore our tailored training options. Conducted by experienced psychologists, our face-to-face training empowers key personnel and provides a deeper understanding of the principles underpinning RAW Mind Coach. Workshops can be conducted to inform leaders, support e-learning rollouts or develop new skills across your organisation.

Find out more

If you would like to discover more about RAW Mind Coach or register your interest please contact us.