RAW Mind Coach announces Board of Advisors

RAW Mind Coach announces Board of Advisors

“When you talk you are repeating what you already know. But if you listen you may learn something new.” The Dalai Lama

In keeping with the wise words of the Dalai Lama, RAW Mind Coach has now established our own Board of Advisors. While we spend much of our time offering advice, we also know the limits of our knowledge and the value of really listening and learning. We count ourselves very fortunate to be connected with some inspiring people who are kind enough to share some very useful experience and some incredibly good ideas.

Our five brand new advisory board members are Jenny Wong, Miles Hunt, Michelle Pilon, Sacha Sinnayah and Louise Howard. They are all sickeningly smart and highly accomplished. Jenny is a senior clinical psychologist with many years’ experience in corporate mental health. Miles juggles numerous roles, including working as a lawyer, often representing clients who suffered mental health injuries at work. Based in Canada, Michelle brings international insight, a brilliant business brain and a relentless determination to bring about real change. Sacha works in finance and technology and is an advocate for developing inclusive, mentally healthy work cultures. Louise is a leader in Health & Safety who believes we must pay the same attention to preventing psychological injuries as we do to preventing physical ones.

You can find a little more about each of our Advisory Board members on our website. As we continue to grow and develop we’ll be regularly consulting with our advisors and seeking their diverse perspectives. You may also wish to listen out for our upcoming podcast series where a few of our advisors may be sharing their wisdom in special guest appearances.

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